High Tea and The Wild West

I’m going to try to make a world where the trappings of steampunk as we understand them are symptomatic of the world, and not just gears glued on a top hat. If there are going to be goggles, then I would like there to be a reason for them. If there are going to be dirigibles, well, why? How does this work? Four or five years ago, I was poking around on this forum where there were a whole bunch of British teenagers were going on about, ‘Oh, these American steampunks, bless their hearts. They’re trying so hard, but obviously real steampunk only happens in Victorian Britain.’ Going on about all their class struggles and exploration, and blah, blah, blah. I thought, wait, we had all those issues in America too. And, to grossly over-generalize, there’s seems to be a West Coast/East Coast thing going on as well, where the East Coast tends toward High Tea Victoriana, and West Coast tends to be more Wild West and pioneer. I spent a lot of time in Texas when I was a kid, and I understand the cowboys and the Wild West. I plug into that better than I do High Tea. (…)

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