First German Steampunk Con „Die Reise nach Tunguska“

I decided to write this review in english, so that our non-german followers have a chance to understand what it´s all about. Whoever prefers a german text can find one at my other blog .

The first german Steampunk LARP was organized by us, who called ourselves the „Calynx Team“. It took place in an old train, transformed to a hotel by its owners, and had 35 participants, starting friday and ending sunday morning. All players tried to stay „in charakter“ the whole time, eating and sleeping in the train-waggons, an experiment that went surprisingly well. By the way: nearly all of the charakters backgrounds (including their motivations, abilities and fears) were created by us, leaving it to the participants to fill them with life during the weekend.

We were quite overwhelemed by all the details they came up with! There where fabulous costumes, great weaponry, a lot of gimmiks and strange devices all over the place.

About the story and the setting:

35 travelers with different backgrounds and motivations were on their journey from Germany to Wanawara in Siberia, not knowing each other at all. During dinner, a cientist called „Professor von Drakenteich“ (supported by his charming assistant Siegfried“ boosted about his extraordinary new invention, inviting all those interested to join him in the morning for more detailed information.

Sadly, he never showed up for his appointments, but was found dead in the tea-room.
After braking into the professors laboratory at the rear end of the train (and quite some hustle), the upset travelers made a scary discovery: Siegfried was by no means the nice assistant he seemed to be the evening before, but an murderous automaton, running wild because of a severe malfunction of his clockwork brain!

After a serious quantum of shouting, running around, building strange stuff, exploring, reading other peoples diaries, talking to the dead, serious shooting and (strangely enough) singing, the trapped travelers managed to subdue the killing machine-man at last.

It is my great pleasure to thank Captain Serenus and Mr. Copper for realising this madness with me, and to virtually shake the hands of all those people who trusted us enough to let us lead them through a weekend full of steampunk paranoia!

And a little video teaser:

Sie können mehr Videos wie diese finden auf Der Rauchersalon.

Thanks Robin (RoToRa) for the pics!